2011년 12월 27일 화요일

Y Stories in November

November 1~

Marriage Migrant Women Nail Café

Nowon Women Resources Development Center runs “Nail Café” which supports marriage migrant women who are finding a job or preparing for starting a business in the nail arts field, and the center provided pre-vocational training.

November 4

Leadership Lecture for the Board of Directors

Seoul YWCA had a leadership lecture for 30 directors to help them understand the role and attitude of volunteer leaders.

November 7

World YWCA&YMCA Joint Service

The National YWCA of Korea, Korea YMCA, and Seoul YWCA had a joint service for World YWCA&YMCA’s international goodwill and prayer days.

November 9

Lively Zoo In The Center

Garak Social Welfare Center invited animals from Seoul Children’s Grand Park. About 80 kids had a great time touching and feeling various live animals.

November 12

Moving Science School

Sungdong Youth Center held a moving science school “Science Sponge” in the area near Geumho subway station as part of supporting citizen’s activities about science and culture.

November 12

Teen’s Club Day

Gangnam Youth Center had a club festival which provided a chance for the center’s 7 clubsGirl’s Dream, The Youth Committee, Hansal, G.E.T, Peace Makers, Chung-Noon-Seh-Bo, Bookaholic and Chungdam Junior High School’s CEO club students to get together and share each other’s activities.

November 18

Hope Plus Savings Account

Bongcheon Social Welfare Center had a voluntary gathering of people who use Seoul Hope Plus Savings Account. Families and volunteers had a time to get along with each other doing topiary works together.

November 22

Traditional Wedding Ceremony 'Pyebaek' Preparing Course

Yeongdeungpo Women Resources Development Center opened the “Traditional Pyebaek─Korean traditional after-wedding ceremony─preparing” course. After completing the course, students are qualified to work in the related sector or to start a business.

November 24

“Sharing Hope Through Talent Donation” Bazaar

Seoul YWCA held a fundraising bazaar which exhibited and sold donated artworks. About 300 participants shared the joy of donating and saw the hope which sharing brings.  

Happy Moment of My Family : Seoul YWCA the 2nd Photo Contest

Seoul YWCA held a “Happy Moment of My Family” photo contest in support of “Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea(PPFK)” to solve problems of low birth rates and promote public acceptance of compatibility of work and family. Total 214 pieces were submitted, and each of those tells a story about giving birth, raising kids or meaning of work and family.

Among 115 participants, Jeong Munkyo(34)’s piece was selected as a grand prize which warmly expresses parents’ hands wrapping a baby’s foot. The awards ceremony was held on November 21st Monday in Seoul YWCA, and the awarded pieces were displayed at Seoul Women’s Plaza’s lobby from November 10th to 11th, and at Seoul Y 2nd floor lobby from November 21st to 25th. The awarded pieces were made as 2012 calendars or postcards and will be distributed so that people can use.

[Grand Prize] Baby's feet, by Jeong Mungyo
: Parents' hands and baby's feet.
Hope this baby to grow up with lots of dreams and hopes with these feet.  

[Second Prize] Sweet Kiss, by Seong Joonhyeok
: Mom kisses her dear daughter

[Second Prize] Son's Voice, by Lee Younghee
: It portrays a mother who wants to hear the voice of her son who is far away

[Third Prize] The  Way We Wlak Together, by Kwon Soonoh

[Third Prize] Giving Love, by Park Wooseok

[Third Prize] Busy, by Choi Seungwan

Seoul YWCA Green Activist Group of University Students, 2nd Green Y : Let’s Make a Low-Carbon Society

Seoul YWCA had recruited green activist group of university students, 2nd Green Y to promote awareness of environmental problems, green life and energy saving.
From last March to October, 20 participants in 5 groups received 12 hours of education on environmental issues, and had on-the-spot experience. They had presentation on their team environmental practices and encouraged each other’s work in weekly gatherings.
For main activity, they conducted a survey of energy saving conditions in 8 university campuses in Seoul and tried to encourage eco-friendly campus. Also, they researched on the conditions of summer air-conditioning temperature of 200 multiple-use facilities such as public offices, theaters, financial institutions and malls and made suggestions on policy improvement.
 “Maintaining Optimal Indoor Temperature in the summer” campaign is an unforgettable memory. They performed a flash mob being in a flood of flashlights in Gwanghwamun, Daehangno, Insa-dong and Jongno, attracting public attention.

1.     Keep computer running on low power. Turn monitor on a minute after the main computer.
2.     Use energy-efficient products.
3.     Turn off the lights if there is no one in the room.
4.     The bigger the sound, or the lighter the screen, the higher the power consumption.
5.     Unplug appliances when they are not in use.
6.     Refrigerator- open it less and shorter. Fill it no more than 60% of the full capacity.
7.     Do a laundry at one time.
8.     Walk or take a bicycle instead of driving when going nearby.
9.     Do not idle when you park or stop.
10.   Keep the optimal air-conditioning and heating temperature.
(Air-conditioning 26°C, heating 20°C)

Members’ Day Festival : Seoul Y Members Get Together!

On November 12th Saturday, Seoul Y held members’ day festival from 11 AM to 4 PM. It was a festival for Y members to interact with each other and develop their own ability. About 500 members participating, free market was held with donated goods from citizens. Seoul Y is going to donate a part of the earnings to support North Korean kids with formula.

Also, there were many activities on the scene of the festival: Campaign about smart phone addiction conducted by Y.PCE, a university students’ club, some booths to introduce club activities such as knitting, balloon arts, Senior-gardeners etc., eco-friendly practices such as making EM products and natural lip balms, and food market. Donation booth was set up to help Thailand recover from the flood damage. As a whole, it was a meaningful, sharing festival. 

Charity Bazaar to Help North Korean Children

Flee market
Smart Phone Addiction campaign by Y.PCE

Asian Women’s Rights club “Susu” charity bazaar supporting Thailand’s recovery from the flood damage
Senior-Gardeners Club

Mentoring program with university Y members and children of marriage migrant women : We are growing with mentors

Seoul Y offers mentoring program to young people of international marriage migrant women to help them grow from 3rd, September, 2011 to 31st, May, 2012.
This program has been started since the last year and got continued interest. The first program has focused on self-directed learning and right values through the program. The upcoming second program is aim at sharing responsibilities and supporting them emotionally with experts through advice and counseling.
Since the orientation on 3rd, Sep, they have had time to know each other with Lee Na Kyoung(이나경), a music therapist. They felt comfortable and stared singing when they listened to the musics. Keeping time by playing a percussion, writing the lyrics with feelings, we lost track of time laughing together.
20 mentors consisting of university students and 20 mentees consisting of elementary school children of marriage migrant women meet every month by visiting mentee's house. The mentors say "we feel great because mentees feel bright and open their mind and become more friendly to us". They smile, saying that I am growing, dreaming of becoming "great mentors" thinking about the growing mentees.
We send them a message through this program and hope they find themselves how they are important and have a big dream. 

A Safe World Created by Women 27th World YWCA Council

The 27th world Council was held in Zurich, Switzerland, 10-16 July 2011, under the theme Women Creating a Safe World". We hear the news from Lee Yeon Bae, a Seoul YWCA Chairwoman, Won Young Hee, who was selected as a world director, Jo Hee Seon and Han Ji lee who participated in Young Women's Leadership Forum.

Unified World YWCA
Lee Yeon Bae
Seoul YWCA Chairwoman

World YWCA Council is the international one and decision-making body. It is held once every four years to set priorities, elect its governing board. This time, 1000 delegations from 120 countries convene at 2011 World Council. 18 delegations from YWCA of Korea participated in this international council. Delegations from international organizations including UN and women's leaders from all over the world participated in International Women's Summit. Under the theme "a safe world for women", they focus on the rights to participate in social activities in safe places, to be free from violence and problems which people  face in Africa such as AIDS, an international fundraising, developments of women's leaderships. I will not forget the moment we prayed and worshiped together to start every day, we have got one belief in God's arms. I would like to say thank God for getting me to feel this dynamic World YWCA and all participants!

Korea YWCA leading the World
World YWCA learning Korea
Won Young Hee
World YWCA director, Executive of World Fellowship Department

With International Women's Summit and World YWCA Council, we talked about its mission and the present condition of the future of YWCA based on a variety of perspectives from women from all over the world. The most important thing was to build a strategic framework of a safe world and women leaders, make a vision to 2035. The movement touched our heart because we have tried our best to make an effort to set up women’s leadership. It was enough to put me in their shoes. For making young women become leaders, YWCA of Korea focuses on making strategies through a conversation between generations, mothers and daughters' health campaigns, an innovative partnership for women leaderships, media development against violence, women fundraising activities for change. YWCA of Korea submitted a resolution calling for women's and children's human rights in North Korea with YWCA of Japan. It was adopted as a movement of cooperation. We held a workshop about migrant women, reported a result and was paid attention by participates from all over the world. At the closing ceremony, the president announced "spiritually born again with sustainable growth for you by Call of God and with a promise.”

World Council as Stepping Stones between YWCAs
Jo Hee Seon
Ewha YWCA President

World Council is such a new experience of meeting delegates from all over the world, talking and understanding each other. Women Leadership Forum caught my eyes out of a variety of programs. Women under 30 years old are entitled to take part in this interesting program. That focuses on improving women's right and leaderships of young generations, taking and sharing experiences. With such successful YWCAs and new YWCAs which have got the first step and difficulties running programs, based on their experiences, we advised, discussed, and found answers. I could see a bright future of World YWCA. This council plays important roles by inspiring young women who have the same belief and will from across the world.

"Young Women's Night", World YWCA Jumping to the World
Han Ji Lee
Ewha YWCA Vice President

The most impressive event is "Young Women's Night". It was the time we could know each other and understand diversity. There was an event, the diversity catwalk, 3 people including me wore Korean national costumes and made a pose like models. I could not forget cameras were on us with all the cheering from here and over there. I participated in Young Women's Leadership Forum talking about problems we face, sharing them and creating solutions. When it comes to strengthening women's capacities and improving women's right, for being a world leader, with a slogan: dreaming of 2035, this is such a great time thinking about what we have done locally, nationally, and internationally, why World YWCA exits, by improving women's and girl’s leaderships from all over the world. As a result, all people think about peace, health, and human dignity for all human beings.

2011년 12월 26일 월요일

Building Self-Esteem through Leadership Development for seniors Be Confident! Be Energetic! Be Lively!

Seoul YWCA had a 2-month-project to build self-esteem through leadership development for seniors from August 24th.

As the purpose of this project was to encourage seniors to understand their senescence properly and develop healthy minds and bodies, Seoul YWCA held lectures about aspects of senescence, how to deal with depression and dementia, controlling emotions, understanding the modern society and how to communicate in it. Especially, there was a meeting with a mentor, or role model from the same age group. It was a helpful experience for seniors to plan their second life and, by extension, to understand pleasure of sharing their own talents.

In the 5th meeting on September 7th, there was a lecture on “Importance of Sports Activities for Seniors”, given by 고선혜, an honorary professor at Baewha Women’s University. Participants learned that it is important to maintain normal weight in order to lengthen their healthy span, and how to eat healthy from the lecture.

After the lecture, they all together did aerobic exercise, worked out their muscles, and did some stretching to improve flexibility. It took over an hour, but everyone was smiling during the workout, probably because of the healthy energy of themselves.  

We hope that all the participants found this project as a turning point to make their senior life more confident, energetic, and lively. 

Y Stories in July & August

July 1~

Seoul’s Women Policy ‘UP&IN’ Project

‘UP&IN’ monitors of Planning Department have been monitoring Seoul’s women policy in five teams; University, Homemakers, Career Women, Migrant Women, Senior.

July 1

Women’s Week Anniversary Event

Nowon Women Resources Development Center held a psychological test, vocational counsel and the demonstration of promising jobs for the 21th Century to local residents in Joong-Gye Geunlin Park with No-Won-Gu office, marking 2011 Women’s Week,

July 23

Y-Teen Members’ Meeting in Northern Part

Youth Department had a meaningful time to learn and experience about vision and career on the subject “Y-Teen, Spread Your Wings!” with about 90 Y-Teen members of Northern part.

July 23
“My Family’s Happy Story”

Bongcheon Social Welfare Center’s program which supports families with kids under 6 years old,
“My Family’ Happy Story”, selected a site in which to have vacation with the families in August and carried out a family recreation.

July 26

Children From Low-income Families Had Summer Camp

Garak Social Welfare Center went to Caribbean Bay on a summer camp with children from low-income families.

July 27

Teens Proposed Policies

In Sungdong Youth Center, teens from Steering Committee of Youth and Policy Club proposed 7 desired features of Sung-Dong-Gu in the policy proposal meeting with the president of Sung-Dong-Gu.

August 2

Cook Trainees For Patient-Specific Meals Presented Their Research

Youngdeungpo Women Resources Development Center has runned cook training program for patient-specific meals, with the support of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Trainees had their presentation on research on meals for patient.

August 3-5

Youth Marine Leadership Camp

Gangnam Youth Center implemented a Youth Marine Leadership Camp in Gwangan Marine Center, Busan. 80 teens participated in this camp.

Global Report : Volunteering in Cambodia and Tanzania

Youth Volunteer Camp in Cambodia

Gangnam Youth Center has been held youth volunteering camp in Cambodia for 13 days from July 18th to 30th. 8 highschool students, 8 university students, and 2 leaders went to Camphongcham to do volunteering in Somang Center, which has been caring for orphans.

IT Education Volunteering in Tanzania

19 volunteers visited Tanzania to provide with IT education to university students in Umzumbe University and Tegeta Vocational School. They were staying for 3 weeks from July 22nd to August 10th. 

2011년 12월 25일 일요일

Career Women Leadership Training : Dear Working Women, Be Leaders and Succeed in Your Lives!

Seoul YWCA had provided leadership training to career women every Tuesday on 7 pm from May 24 to July 12, with the support of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

This program aimed to help career women overcome dilemmas they encounter in organizations and become balanced women leaders which the global competitive society demands. About 30 working women participated in this program.
The program includes leadership development to bring participation, building and managing human networks, and also trainings to reinforce capabilities on self-management and organizational management, which is the essential factor of a leader. Leadership development program was held to help career women use fast-changing information and knowledge efficiently and creatively. Also, there were open lectures of women mentors, columnist Jeon, Mi-ok and knowledge communicator Cho, Youn-shim, both of which are career women’s role models.
We hope there will be more amazing women who shines in both of their work and life through developing their own potential leadership and managing themselves and their organizations effectively.

Y Stories in June

Fundraising Bazzar

June 1-2

Fundraising bazaar was held with 600 women's wears donated by Lee Hun Young Fashion, a great long-time donor.

Garak Welfare Center's Salimi Environment Education

June 8, 15

Garak Welfare Center offered environmental education, called 'How to make cotton sanitary napkins; Have you heard of Chemical Sanitary Pads?', to Salimi members trying to keep the environment clean and safe..

Bongcheon Welfare Center's Group Couselling for Healthy Marriage ‘Love Puzzle’

June 9

Bongcheon Welfare Center provided eight-time group consultation for couple to improve marital life and relieve troubles among them.

Sungdong Youth Center's Literacy Education for Adults 'King Sejong's Hangul School'

June 16

Sungdong Youth Center is conducting adult Hangul club ‘King Sejong Hangul School’ for adults who missed an opportunity of learning how to read and write by assistances of lifelong education institute.

Gangnam Youth Center's Astronomy Space Camp

June 18-19

Gangnam Youth Center proceeded learning an astronomical telescope principle, virtual 3D displays, astronomical observatory observation and a star-ring making, solar observation etc. through astronomy space camp for elementary schoolchild.

Building Management Department's Happy Market

June 21~23

Building Management Department proceeded a happy market and made a place for transactions of a seller and a purchaser.

Youngdeungpo Women Resources Development Center's Coffee Making Classes

June 29

Youngdeungpo Women Resources Development Center offered coffee making classes including hand-drip, latte-art, and  café menu course.