About Seoul YWCA

Seoul YWCA is one of 55 member associations of National YWCA of Korea. We have been working for women, children and youth, consumer, environment to make a better society since its inauguration in 1922.

::: Motto

Women: Wind of Life, Reviver of the World

::: Mission

  Seoul YWCA should make a better society with;
   - faith in Christ
   - respect all living things
   - acceptance of diversity
   - active support for women's capacity building and empowerment

::: Core Priorities

  - Promoting women's human rights
  - Making better educational environment for children and youth
  - Protecting the earth and environment

Phone: 82-2-3705-6000
Fax: 82-2-3705-6020
Homepage: http://www.seoulywca.or.kr/
Address : #1-1, Myeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul


Young movement proceeding to a vision with open mind and passion

Women's movement developing women's leadership for the sake of their social participation and status improvement

Christian movement establishing social justice and peace through the practice of the love of Christ

Association.. Member's movement making healthy community by their voluntary participation

International movement working for world peace with about 25 million members all around the world